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The many photos posted online of dark theaters with just their ghost lights glowing struck us as a powerful image of this unusual time. They are a symbol of hope, that these lights will keep our theatres and performances spaces safe until we return. We hope to gather as many photos as we can from people all over the country to keep a record of this moment in time. If you have a photo of your venue's ghost light, please submit it below! 

About Ghost Lights

In theatre, a ghost light is an electric light that is left on the stage of a theater when the theater is empty and would otherwise be dark. It is often made of a single bulb on a portable stand with a wire protective cage around it. Practically, it serves to keep people safe, providing some illumination to find light switches or prevent people from tripping/falling. But the ghost light also has superstitious purposes. Depending on who you ask, the light may help to appease ghosts, ward off ghosts, or allow the ghosts of the theatre their own opportunity to perform when everyone else has gone home. 

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