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In Broadway’s 100+ year history, it has never faced a situation like the COVID-19 suspension. Members of our community from actors to stage hands and ushers to building engineers are finding themselves suddenly out of work. The same can be said for those working on tours, in regional and in community theaters around the country. Like millions of Americans, their livelihoods and daily lives have been disrupted without warning. And yet, this community is more determined than ever. Determined that theatre will be back soon, stronger than ever. Determined that in these challenging times the arts are going to be critical for people across all walks of life. But maybe most importantly, we are determined that we will help those affected by this situation, however we can.


Until The Lights Go Up seeks to raise funds to support members of our community facing hardships in these challenging times. All proceed from sales of Until The Lights Come Up merchandise will be donated to the Broadway Cares COVID-19 Emergency Relief FundBy buying a shirt or donating here, you support the hard working people that make live theatre & entertainment while also getting a beautifully designed piece of clothing that shows your commitment to the day we get to turn off our ghost lights and turn our show lights on.


Andrew Sullivan (Production Carpenter, Hamilton) & Jason Crystal (Assoc. Sound Designer, Hamilton), were talking on the phone after their shows were suspended due to COVID-19 and noted the powerful images that had been posted on social media of dark theatres with only their ghost lights glowing. Looking to help during this crisis, Andrew & Jason wanted to find a way to use the image of the ghost lights to help raise money for friends & colleagues in need during this time. 

Frank Swann (Production Manager, Hudson Theatrical Associates) and Madison Hayes (Scenic Artist, Hudson Scenic Studio) joined Andrew and Jason to create the artwork and get the logistics started. Soon, with the help of their talented friends in the industry, Until The Lights Come Up was born. 

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